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Visitors to the King.



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Gicleé print on 310gsm acid free paper. Measuring 594 by 841 mm. Edition of 10 (8 for sale) signed by the artists. London, Lanterne Rouge Press, 1 February,


The late eighteen and early nineteenth centuries witnessed the expansion of European empires across the Pacific Ocean. News of the places discovered and the people encountered was received with enthusiasm and before long actual people were brought back and shown before an incredulous British public. Notices appeared in the press, eminent artists such as William Hodges, John Hayter, and John William Gear painted their portraits and in many instances they would meet the King.

Yet amid the fanfare lay tragedy. Unequipped for the Old World, many of the men and women brought back to England succumbed to diseases unknown in Tahiti, Hawaii and elsewhere. Others, such as Omai and Bennelong, found themselves caught unhappily between two worlds on their return. This image is a tribute to them and an homage to the original portraits painted.

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