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A Map of the North Polar Sea, shewing & connecting all the latest Discoveries by Ross, Parry, Franklin, Scoresby, &c. &c. . . . 

ADDISON & Co (1824.)

£4500.00  [First Edition]

First edition. Lithograph map measuring 330 by 300mm. Very good indeed, removed from a volume, small closed tear to right hand margin, a little dusty. London, Addison & Co. Globe Makers to His Majesty, April

Exceedingly rare, apparently unrecorded: this might well be the only single sheet map the renowned globe maker ever produced. This map was printed during the heyday of Arctic exploration, before the search for the Northwest Passage was twinned with that for John Franklin.


The extent of some English explorers' discoveries are noted as follows: Sir John Ross (red) his 1818 expedition, which took him to the entrance of Lancaster Sound; William Parry's First Voyage (green) his 1819 expedition which took him though Lancaster Sound as far as Prince Regent Inlet; Sir John Franklin (blue), his Coppermine River Expedition, where he reached Point Turnagain in August 1821; William Scoresby (Yellow), his expedition on the east coast of Greenland got as far as Gale Hamkees Land; Parry's Second Voyage (Pink) which took him to the west side of Foxe Basin.


In addition, other points are marked including the furthest points north of the likes of Constantine Phipps, and Capt. Krusenstern, seas seen by MacKenzie in 1780 and Franklin in 1822, plus the supposed location of the north magnetic pole.

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