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Autograph Letter Signed ("Aldous Huxley") to Mr Blumenfeld (likely Simon Blumenfeld, friend of Huxley's, a journalist whose pen-name was Sidney Vauncez),

HUXLEY Aldous (1931)


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3 1/2 pages 8vo, The Athenaeum, Pall Mall, 10 October 1931.

An interesting, detailed, eloquent letter to Huxley's recently married friend ("all best wishes for your future happiness"), written in the year Huxley wrote his magnum opus Brave New World, and touching on his serious political concerns.

Includes two of the most perfectly succinct political comments this cataloguer has encountered recently - "have just returned to this political bedlam", "Really, the lunacy of the world" - (still relevant today); here specifically referring to the British political climate (just prior to the election that would be held later that month (27 Oct 1931), which would provide results that "were the most astonishing in the history of the British party system" (in the words of Ivor Bulmer-Thomas)), thence suggesting a way to possibly mend the financial problems of the world. Huxley also mentions that he had "hoped to go to Russia [that] summer" but had been "prevented by press of work".

". . . I was stuck in France all the time, whence have just returned to this political bedlam. Really, the lunacy of the world! The way these politicians go on prancing round, talking about tariffs & entrenchment etc, when it is palpably obvious that the only thing to be done is to alter our preposterous currency system & make the medium of exchange adequate to the amount of goods produced and producible, not limit production to the amount of available gold. They have a real chance of making the world a quite decent place--but I'm afraid that a mixture of stupidity & cupidity will triumph & that we shall be precipitated into the old slough of despond."

Slightly dusty on the final page, but otherwise in good condition.

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