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Sketches by Boz: Illustrative of Every-Day Life, and Every-Day People. The Second Series. Complete in One Volume.`


£1750.00  [First Edition]

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With the ten engraved plates by Cruikshank. First edition. Large 12mo., complete with the final catalogue of Macrone's publications dated December 1836, skilfully recased in the original red-pink cloth, the spine with the black pigmented lettering panels but faded, central wreath designs to sides, very tip of the top fore corner of front cover restored. London, John Macrone. 1837 [i.e. 1836].

The list of illustrations gives "Vauxhall Gardens by Day" twice by mistake and omits the final plate "Mr. Minns and his Cousin". Smith writes of the binding: "It should be noted that the binding reflects a high degree of workmanship for publisher's cloth. A close examination indicates that the cloth has a cross-hatched line pattern upon which the morocco or bead-like pattern is impressed. Since the color has faded drastically on many copies, it appears that the cloth was tan and that a red pigment was applied to it. Special templates were probably made for applying the black pigment to the spine upon which the gold frame, border, and lettering were subsequently applied. The template for the black background at the top of the spine was not designed precisely, and consequently two corners and two lines of the gold frame extend either above or below the background. The black background at the foot of the spine bleeds slightly beyond its gold border. Some cataloguers confusingly describe the black portions on the spine as though they were external labels or pieces of cloth affixed to the spine rather than a black pigment applied to the publisher's cloth". Smith 2; Eckel, pp. 15-17.

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