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Trial of Cooper for the Murder of Timothy Daly, at Highbury



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Broadside (510 x 375mm). Original sheet trimmed and laid down on recent archival paper, small areas of loss to the extremities, not interfering with the text. Small number '19' written in red pencil far right hand corner. With woodcut border and illustration. 

E. Lloyd, London, n.d [June,

 Trial broadside of Thomas Cooper the, 'would be' highwayman, for the murder of Timothy Daly, (a policeman), and also for shooting at and maiming, with intent to murder, Charles Mott (a baker), and Charles Moss (another police officer), on 5th May at Highbury. 

The defence, Mr Hory, addressed the jury, 'he said for the first time during the seven years that he had been at the bar, he was called upon to address a jury upon a charge, conviction upon which was certain death. He almost felt that his anxiety would defeat itself. He could not help referring to different published statements, most of them monstrous perversions of established fact, and all calculated to excite the prejudices of a jury. When he saw these he could hardly fancy they lived in an enlightened age'.

He went on to make the case that the prisoner was not of sound mind, citing attempts of suicide, and claims of being Dick Turpin and Richard III. The defence was  unsuccessful, the jury reached a verdict of guilty, and he was sentenced to death. Thomas Cooper was executed July 7th 1842.

Held at the Tisch Library, Massachusetts, (printer E. Lloyd), and Harvard Law School Library, (printer Treager and Lewis). Execution broadside, held by the British Library, 'Life, extraordinary conduct, and execution of T. Cooper for the murder of Timothy Daly'. 

The proceeding of the Old Bailey, 1674 - 1913, online.

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