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The Life, Trial, Sentence, and Execution of John Wiggins, at Newgate for the Murder of Agnes Oakes.



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Broadside (480 x 380mm). Original sheet trimmed and laid down on recent archival paper, small areas of loss to the extremities, not interfering with the text. With woodcut border and illustration. 

Smith Printer, London, n.d [added in contemporary hand October 15

Execution broadside of John Wiggins at Newgate, 15th October 1867, for the murder of Agnes Oakes on the morning of Wednesday 24th July at Limehouse. Printed with the trial and execution of Louis Bordier, a Frenchman charged with the murder of Mary Ann Snow, on the 3rd September 1867, in Camberwell. 

Agnes Oakes had lived with John Wiggins as wife for about six months prior to the murder. Neighbours had said they had witnessed and heard him beating her, she had said she would leave him if he didn't stop, sadly she didn't leave Mr Wiggins before he murdered her. 

Louis Bordier was indicted for the wilful murder of Mary Ann Snow, his common-law wife, whom he had three children with. Mary Ann Snow was planning to leave Bordier, and when asked why he did it, Bordier's reply was that 'he could not think of parting from her'. In a letter to his brother, Bordier detailed his plan to kill his wife, children, and himself. Bordier's trial was held at the Old Bailey on 23rd September, and Bordier was condemned to death.

One other copy found at the Tisch library, Massachusetts. (Other copies held at The Harvard Law School Library, and The Tisch Library, both execution broadsides for Louis Bordier only). 

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674 - 1913. British Library Newspapers, online. 

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