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Life, Trial, Sentence, Confession and Execution of Charles Peace



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Broadside (490 x 380mm). Original sheet trimmed and laid down on recent archival paper, small areas of loss to the extremities, interfering with the text a little on the bottom right hand corner. Poorly printed, also effecting the text.

n.p, February 25th (n.d)

Execution broadside of Charles Peace the notorious Blackheath burglar, for the murder of Arthur Dyson at Banner Cross, on the 29th November 1876. 

Peace murdered Dyson, having become obsessed with Mr Dyson's wife. Charles Peace, was then on the run for two years with a £100 reward on his head. He was finally betrayed by his mistress a Mrs Sue Thompson, who revealed his whereabouts to the police (although she never received the reward as they claimed her information did not lead directly to Peace's arrest). He was caught on 10th October 1878, by constable Robinson, who Peace shot at five times. 

Two movies were made, and several books written about the life and crimes of Charles Peace. A waxwork figure of Mr Peace was also featured at Madame Tussaud's for a time. 

The proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674- 1919, online.

One other copy held at the Tisch library, Massachusetts. 


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