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Libri de re rustica. [Ed. P. Vettori]. Paris, R. Estienne, 17 July 1543. [Bound with:] COLUMELLA. De re rustica libri XII. Paris, R. Estienne, 22 Aug. 1543. [And:] PALLADIUS RUTILIUS TAURUS AEMILIANUS. De re rustica libri XIIII. Paris, R. Esteienne, 1543. [And:] VETTORI (Pietro). Explicationes suarum in Catonem, Varronem, Columellam castiagationum. Paris, R. Estienne, 1543.



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[And:] MERULA (ALEXANDRINUS). Enarrationes vocum priscarum in libris de re rustica. . . P. Beroaldi in libros XIII Columellae Annotationes. Aldus de Dierum generibus . . . quae [sunt] apud Palladium. Paris, ex officina Roberti Stephani, 1543. Estienne's fine device (Schreiber no. 7) on title-page of all but Vettori. Columella illustrated with 16 woodcut diagrams. 5 parts in two volumes. 8vo. 113, (7) ff.; 498pp. [11]ff.; 186pp. [3]ff.; 70, [2]ff.; [84]ff. 18th century English calf, red morocco labels (small patch worn on upper cover of vol. I).

A rare complete set of Robert Estienne's Scriptores rei rusticae all five parts of which were issued separately. They form the earliest complete text printed in his new italic. "One of Robert Estienne's most pressing concerns was to produce editions of the Latin classics ever lower in price and ever compacter in form. After experimenting sporadically with small roman types he finally had an italic type cut by Claude Garamond, designed in imitation of the famous Aldine italic." (Schreiber). Included in the collection are the important commentaries of the great Italian humanist Vettori on Cato, Varro and Columella and the botanical glossaries of Merula and Beroaldo, also at the end of the final part is Aldus Manutius' "farmer's calendar".Provenance. Early ms. annotations on verso of two title-pages (cropped), some early underlining. Ex-libris stamp of H.G. Doggett on fly-leaf.Renouard 55, no. 2. Schreiber no. 70, a-e. Adams S817, C2410, P111, V676 & M1358. Mortimer 489.

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