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(Greek title, then:) Theriaca . . . Alexipharmarca. Interpretatio innominati autoris in Theriaca. Commentarii innominati autoris in Theriaca. Commentarii diversorum autorum in Alexipharmaca. Cologne, Joannes Soter, 1530. [Bound with:] Theriaca et Alexipharmaca, cum scholiis, interprete Iohanne Lonicero. Cologne, J. Soter,

NICANDER of Colophon (1531.)


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Fine woodcut printer's device on each title-page, with a larger version at end of first work, first work printed entirely in greek letter, apart from title-page and preface to the reader, some large historiated woodcut initials. 2 works in one vol. [2]ff. 103pp.; [4]ff. 109pp. [1]f. (blank). Contemporary limp vellum, remains of original vellum ties, pastedowns from an Italian Latin Bible (c. 1400), written in a rounded gothic hand, with text from Book of Jeremiah, chapters 29 and 30.

A fine edition of these two famous 3rd century Greek poems, the first works on toxicology. This volume contains the third edition of each poem, found here with the rare Scholia in Greek which surround the text, followed by the first Latin translation of the poems by Joannes Lonicer. The first poem Theriaca is written in 958 hexameters, and deals with the symptoms and treatment of poisoning by the bites of poisonous animals, while the second Alexipharmaca is in 630 hexameters and considers intoxications through animal, vegetable and mineral poisoning and their suitable antidotes, discussing 21 different poisons. Nicander was the first to speak of the therapeutic use of leeches, and in all 125 plants are quoted in the two poems.Nicander (c. 185-135 BC) was the writer of numerous other works in prose verse, all of which are now lost; these included works on farming, bee-keeping, snakes as well as a Metamorphoses which Ovid made use of in his own works.The first edition of the text appeared in 1499 in the Aldine edition of Dioscorides, while the first separated edition appeared in 1523, also printed by the Aldine Press.Generally a very good copy, with just a little light foxing.Adams N-209 & 210. VD16, N1417 & 1418.Durling 3340 & 3342. Osler 280. Sarton, pp. 158-59. Garrison Morton no. 2069.

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