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Apologie pour Jean Chastel Parisien, executé à mort, et pour les pères & escholliers, de la Societé de Iesus, bannis du royaume de France: contre l'arrest de parlement, donné contre eux a Paris, le 29 Decembre, 1594 . . . par François de Verone Constantin.

BOUCHER Jean (1595.)


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8vo (143 x 93mm.) [6]ff. 243 [i.e. 253]pp. [1]f. 18th-century French binding of olive morocco, flat spine gilt, last leaf somewhat soiled

First edition of Boucher's defence of Jean Chastel (d.1644), the Jesuit student who had failed in his attempt on the life of Henry IV in 1594, written under the pseudonym François de Verone. Boucher fully supported Chastels' "heroic" attempt and urged others to follow suit. A successful attempt was made in 1610 when Henry was murdered by a fanatical catholic François Ravaillac, and the present work was subsequently reprinted. Jean Boucher, a priest of Saint Benoit, was one of the leading members of the Ligue, an association formed in 1576 to defend the Roman Catholic religion against Calvinism. The Ligue had become unpopular due to its close relations with Spain and was finally brought to an end by Henri IV's renunciation of Calvinism and conversion to the Roman faith in 1594. This event made Boucher no less fanatical and he produced these sermons which were publicly burned and forced Boucher's exile from Paris. After a failed attempt to return, he took refuge at Tournai where he composed fresh invectives against the king. Boucher was known as the "trompette de sédition" and is generally remembered as being one of the most fertile of the writers of littérature pamphlétaire. This work was later (1611) printed in a Latin translation.

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Provenance: Book-plate of the library at Pavlosk with pressmarks 17.9.4. Old pressmark C.120.

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