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ALBEMARLE, George Monck, Duke of (1608-1670). Parliamentary Commander who brought about teh Restoration of Charles II.

Letter Signed ("Albemarle") as Lieutenant General of the Forces, to Sir William Compton, Master of the Ordnance, requiring him to deliver to Quartermaster Richard Collins "tenn Barrells of powder with a Double proportion of match for the use of my Regim[en]t of of his Ma[jes]t[ie]s Foote Guards."Half page folio with integral leaf on which has been written "Sr, These being joint", indicating that an enclosure was once present. 20 May 1663.

Stock Code: AU6559


ALEXANDRA (1844-1925). Queen Consort of Edward VII.

Postcard Photograph Signed ("Alexandra little Georgie & little Togo"), showing the Queen holding her young grandchild [later George, Duke of Kent], and cradling Togo, her pet Japanese Chin, in the crook of her other arm.c. 5 x 3¼ ins, mounted on black card, in all 9½ x 7½ ins, n.p., n.d. [but c. 1905-06].

Stock Code: AU1718


ALMA TADEMA, Lawrence (1836-1912). Painter.

Autograph Letter Signed ("L Alma Tadema") to "my dear Miss Coronio" [probably Calliope Coronio, granddaughter of Alexander Ionides].1¼ page 8vo with integral leaf, 17 Grove End Road, St John's Wood, N. W., 11 January 1889.

Stock Code: AU6835


ANGOULEME, Louis Antoine, duc d' (1775-1844). Son of Charles X; last Dauphin of France.

Letter Signed ("Louis Antoine") to the Minister of the Interior, sending two petitions [not present] with a request that they be dealt with favourably.1 page 8vo in French with integral blank leaf, Tuileries, 7 April 1818.

Stock Code: AU6831


ARDIZZONE, Edward (1900-1979). Artist and Illustrator.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Edward Ardizzone") to "Dear Mr. Woodhouse", regarding a drawing he had supplied.1 page 4to, 130 Elgin Avenue, W9, 29 October 1959.

Stock Code: AU6535


ASHTON, Sir Frederick (1904-1988). British choreographer.

Black and white Photograph Signed ("Frederick Ashton"), signed in blue biro across his light-coloured shirt, a head and shoulders portrait of the choreographer standing in profile in a garden with a statue of a nymph in the background.4 x 5½ ins, n.p., n.d.

Stock Code: AU6225


ATTLEE, Clement Richard (1883-1967), Prime Minister 1945-51.

Typed Letter Signed and Subscribed ("Yours sincerely C.R. Attlee"), as Leader of the Labour Opposition to Churchill's Conservative government, a letter of support and encouragement to George Willis, who was about to stand as the Labour candidate in the by-election for the seat of Edinburgh East.1 1/2 pages folio on separate leaves, House of Commons, 2 April 1954.

Stock Code: AU6496


BADEN POWELL, Robert (1857-1941). Hero of Mafeking and Founder of the Scout Movement.

Typed Letter Signed ("Robert Baden Powell") to Major Tudor Craig, thanking him for allowing a visit to the Lord Roberts Memorial Workshops.1 page 4to on letterhead of the Boy Scouts Association, London, 5 February 1917.

Stock Code: AU5932


BAKST, Leon Samoilovitch (1866-1924). Russian painter; designer with the Ballets Russes.

Autograph Card Signed ("Leon Bakst") to Miss Ella Dixon, sending her his best wishes for the Russian New Year, and apologizing for being unable to attend a rendez-vous.1 page small 8vo in French on blue card, 112 Boulevard Malesherbes [Paris], 16 January 1914. Together with the autograph envelope addressed to Miss Dixon at 6 St. James's Terrace, London.

Stock Code: AU6358


BARHAM, Richard Harris (1788-1845). Humorist.

Autograph Leter Signed ("R H Barham") to an unnamed correspondent, 2 pags 8vo with integral blank leaf, Amen Corner, Monday Morning, n.d.

Stock Code: AU5428


BARNARDO, Thomas John (1845-1905). Philanthropist; founder of Homes for children.

Cabinet Photograph Signed ("Yrs. sincerely Tho.J. Barnardo"), showing Barnardo seated astride a chair, holding an open book. "Photographed at the Boys' Home Studio, Stepney Causeway, E."c. 6¼ x 4 ins, London, n.d.

Stock Code: AU6224


BAX, Arnold (1883-1953). British composer.

Autograph Musical Quotation Signed ("Yours sincerely Arnold Bax May 1923"), three bars, identified by the composer as being from the Violin & Piano Sonata in E.1 page oblong 12mo on card, n.p., May 1923.

Stock Code: AU6357


BEATTY, David, Earl (1871-1936). Admiral.

Photograph Signed ("David Beatty"), showing the admiral standing on the deck of a ship, his hands in his pockets, signed by him on a light portion of the image.Image size c. 6¼ x 8¼ ins., mounted and in a plain black wooden frame, in all 10 x 11½ ins., n.p., n.d.

Stock Code: AU6264


BEERBOHM, Max (1872-1956). Author and Caricaturist.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Max Beerbohm") to "My dear Christian", 1 3/4 pages small 8vo on separate leaves, 48 Upper Berkeley Street, Tuesday, n.d. [?1914].

Stock Code: AU3719


BERTHIER, Louis Alexandre, Prince of Wagram and Neuchatel (1753-1815). French Marshal.

Letter Signed ("Alex. Berthier") to the Prefect of the Deux-Sèvres Department, interceding for Citizen Louis Foucher, a volunteer accused of desertion and who should have benefited from an amnesty, with a reply at the end of the letter explaining that the amnesty had been overturned a few days later.2 pages folio in French on letterhead with a vignette of the Ministry of War, Paris, 5 pluviose an 11 [26 January 1803].

Stock Code: AU3407


BERTHIER, Louis Alexandre, Prince of Wagram and Neuchatel (1753-1815). French Marshal.

Letter Signed ("Ml Berthier") to the Inspector in Chief of Revenues for the Grande Armée, informing him which servicemen will or will not be eligible for bonuses paid at the end of the Austerlitz campaign.1 page folio in French, Munich, 14 March 1806.

Stock Code: AU3410


BERTHIER, Louis Alexandre, Prince of Wagram and Neuchatel (1753-1815). French Marshal.

Letter Signed ("alexandre") to the Duc de Bellune [Marshal Victor], expressing his pleasure at a show of harmony between French soldiers and the Spanish population when celebrating Napoleon's birthday.1 page 4to in French, Fontainebleau, 2 October 1810.

Stock Code: AU3413


BERTHIER, Louis Alexandre, Prince of Wagram and Neuchatel (1753-1815). French Marshal.

Letter Signed ("Alexandre"), to Count Caffarelli naming him General of the Armée du Nord, 1½ pages 4to in French with integral blank leaf.Paris, 14 April 1812.

Stock Code: AU6515


BETJEMAN, John (1906-1984). Poet Laureate.

Two Typed Letters Signed (an elaborate "John Betjeman") to a Miss Procter, each 1 page 8vo, 43 Cloth Fair, 1 November 1955 and 6 March 1956.

Stock Code: AU6437


BISHOP, Isabella Lucy Bird (1831-1904). Traveller and Writer.

Autograph Correspondence Card Signed ("I L Bishop") to Mrs. Barbour in Tatenhall, Cheshire, 1 page oblong 8vo with address and postal markings on the verso, 5 Howard Square, Eastbourne, 26 December 1893.

Stock Code: AU6171


BODLEY, George Frederick (1827-1907). Designer and English Gothic Revival Architect.

Autograph Letter (third person) to Mrs Madox Brown, accepting an invitation.1 page 8vo, 109 Harley Street, 25 July n.y.

Stock Code: AU6750


BRITTEN, Benjamin (1913-1976). English Composer.

Gala Programme (unsigned) for the premiere of Gloriana, a Gala performance held in the presence of the Queen and members of the royal family six days after the Coronation.8 pages large folio, bound with a gold silk cord, the covers designed by Oliver Messel, 8 June 1953.

Stock Code: AU6265


BROWN, Oliver "Nolly" Madox (1855-1874). Author and artist, son of Ford Madox Brown.

Autograph Manuscript Signed "Oliver Madox Brown", incomplete, 2 pages 8vo, n.p., n.d [probably 1871-2], written partly in pencil.

Stock Code: AU6756


BRUCH, Max (1838-1920). German Composer.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Max Bruch") to a Ms. Phipps, 2 pages 8vo in German with integral blank leaf, 18 Crompton Avenue, Liverpool, 24 January 1881.

Stock Code: AU5409


BURKE, Edmund (1729-1797). Statesman, Writer and Political Theorist.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Edm Burke") to "My dear Sir [William Windham, MP for Norwich], discussing the fall of Toulon, "not only a calamitous, but . . . a most disgraceful affair", and putting forth his views as to the mistakes made by the British.2 1/4 pages 4to, n.p., n.y. [docketed 8 January 1794].

Stock Code: AU5920


BURNE-JONES, Edward (1833-1898). Artist.

Autograph Letter Signed ("E. Burne-Jones") to "dear Miss Gladstone" [Mary Gladstone, daughter of the Prime Minister], a light-hearted letter making arrangements for a meeting and explaining the difficulties surrounding it.2 pages 8vo with integral blank leaf, The Grange, North End Road, n.d.

Stock Code: AU6631


CANNING, George (1770-1827). Prime Minister 1827, and former resident of 50 Berkeley Square.

Signature ("Geo. Canning") on a slip of paper, probably cut from a letter or document, laid down on a larger piece of beige paper.c. 2½ x 4½ ins in all.

Stock Code: AU6414


CARDIGAN, James Brudenell, 7th Earl (1797-1868). General; led the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Cardigan") to an unidentified correspondent, a strong letter of recommendation for Dr. [E.H.] Nolan, author of the History of the War with Russia.4 pages 8vo, Portman Square, 20 April 1857.

Stock Code: AU5756


CHAMBERLAIN, Joseph (1836-1914). Politician.

Letter Signed ("J. Chamberlain") to Sir John Evans [paper manufacturer, and eminent amateur geologist and archaeologist], inviting him to join the Tariff Commission.3¼ pages 4to, marked 'Confidential', Highbury, Birmingham, 24 December 1903.

Stock Code: AU6783


CHARLES II (1630-1685). King of Great Britain.

Document Signed ("Charles R"), ordering that the Great Seal be affixed to "an Instrument . . . containg powers to . . . prince Rupert . . . John Earle of Radnor . . . Henry Earle of Arlington" and others "to treat of & conclude a treaty of Comerce for the Coast of Africa between us & the States generall of the United Netherlands"1 page folio with integral blank leaf and blind stamp seal, countersigned by the Earl of Sunderland, Whitehall, 26 April 1680.

Stock Code: AU6141


CHARLES II (1630-1685). King of Great Britain.

Document Signed ("Charles R"), stating that "Whereas Our Right Trusty & Right Welbeloved Cousin Anne Countesse of Marshall now hath in her possession severall Lodgings being built upon the Wall of Our Park of St James next to Our Horse Guards, which at her owne charges shee hath fitted & beautifyed; and having in consideration thereof humbly besought Us to grant the said Lodgings to her during her Life; . . . We doe accordingly hereby give and grant to her . . . all the said Lodgings and Rooms . . . during the terme of her naturall Life."1 page folio with Royal paper seal and integral blank leaf, signed at the head by the King and countersigned by the Secretary of State Sir Joseph Williamson.Whitehall, 27 April 1675.

Stock Code: AU6510


CHARLES II (1630-1685). King of Great Britain

Letter Signed ("Charles R"), a warrant addressed to Sir Edward Walker [Receiver of the King's Moneys, and later in charge of arrangements for Charles's coronation] ordering payment to ". . . our trusty & welbeloved servant George Barker Esqr our Avenor [chief officer of the stables], the summe of one thousand guilders towards the charge of Horsemeate for our stable since our last coming to Breda . . ."Countersigned by Robert Long [member of Charles's Privy Council in exile, later Chancellor of the Exchequer]. 1 page small 4to with integral address leaf, countersigned by Robert Long [member of Charles's Privy Council in exile, later Chancellor of the Exchequer]. and receipted by George Barker on the verso. Breda, 25/15 May 1650.

Stock Code: AU6192


CHESTERFIELD, Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of (1694-1773). Leter-Writer, Wit, and Politician.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Chesterfield") to "Dear Dayrolles" [his godson, the diplomat Solomon Dayrolles, the British Resident at Brussels], wryly describing his philosophy of life after his retirement from front-line politics.2 pages 4to, Blackheath, 25 Septembeer 1754.

Stock Code: AU5126


CHESTERFIELD, Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of (1694-1773). Letter-Writer, Wit, and Politician.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Your sure and decayed friend Chesterfield") to Mr. Fisher, 1 page 4to with integral autograph free frank address leaf signed ("To Mr. Fisher at his House in Derby, Free Chesterfield").London, 5 September 1771.

Stock Code: AU5464


CLARKE, Henri Jacques Guillaume, Duc de Feltre (1765-1818). Napoleon's Minister of War.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Clarke") as Governor of Berlin to Marshal Soult, saying that he is enclosing the translation of three intercepted letters [not present] and quoting part of the the troubling content of yet another intercepted letter.1 page folio in French with integral blank leaf, Berlin, 14 August 1807.

Stock Code: AU6601


COATES, Eric (1886-1957). Composer.

The full score of his orchestral suite Four Centuries, 160 pages folio, grey paper wrappers, Boosey & Hawkes, n.d.Inscribed and Signed on the title page "For Herman Lindars from his old friend Eric Coates".

Stock Code: AU6295


CONGREVE, William (1670-1729). Poet.

Document Signed ("Wm Congreve"), acknowleging receipt of £125 from Thomas Snow & John Paltock, "wch they rec[eive]d of Paunceford Miller ye 14 Aug last for my Use."4 lines written on a narrow slip of paper, apparently cut from a larger page, 14 October 1723.

Stock Code: AU5469


COOPER, James Fenimore (1769-1851). American Novelist; author of The Last of the Mohicans.

A fragment of the Autograph Manuscript of Fenimore Cooper's novel The Oak Openings (1848), three lines written in ink on a slip of pale blue paper.The slip is laid down on an oblong piece of lined paper which has two inscriptions beneath the fragment: the first (in an unidentified hand) stating that "I certify that the above is a part of the original MS of "Oak Openings" and is in the handwriting of the Author, J. Fenimore Cooper", and the second, in the hand of Cooper's daughter Susan, saying "Oak Openings was written in the Library of Otsego Hall, in the summer of 1848, after an excursion to Kalamazoo, Michigan. Susan Fenimore Cooper, Cooperstown, Aug. 2nd 1892."

Stock Code: AU5527


COOPER, Lady Diana (1892-1986).Society hostess, actress and author.

Autograph Postcard Signed ("D.C.") to Mrs. Waymouth, thanking her for joining the committee for the 'Cockie' gala.1 page oblong 8vo in pencil on her correspondence card, 10 Warwick Avenue, n.d. [but postmarked 9 October 1973].

Stock Code: AU6853


DAY LEWIS, Cecil (1904-1972).

Typed Letter Signed and Autograph Correspondence Card Signed ("C Day Lewis") to "Dear Scott-James", 2 pages 8vo in all, Box Cottage, Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire,10 July n.y. and Theo's Cottage, Lyme Regis, 4 August n.y. [1938].

Stock Code: AU5971


De La MARE, Walter (1873-1956). Poet and Novelist.

Autograph Letter Signed ("W.J. de la Mare") to [Richard] Usborne, assisant editor of the Strand Magazine, 1 page oblong 8vo wiritten on a correspondence card, The Old Park, 9 June 1948.

Stock Code: AU5695


DE LA MARE, Walter (1873-1956). Poet and Novelist.

Printed Poem, a copy of his Haunted, surrounded by illustrations by Honor Frost, signed at the bottom "Walter de la Mare with all good wishes New Years Day 1940".1 page 11½ x 8½ ins, framed and glazed in a simple black and gold frame, 16 x 12 ins in total, The Linden Press, Christmas 1939.

Stock Code: AU6905


DE VALOIS, Dame Ninette (1898-2001). Dancer, choreographer and founder of the Royal Ballet.

Photograph Signed ("sincerely Ninette de Valois 1986"), a colour head and shoulders portrait of 'Madam', evidently taken in a ballet studio.3 3/4 x 5 ins, n.p. [but photographer's imprint Bristol], 1986.

Stock Code: AU6226


DELIBES, Leo (1836-1891). French composer.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Léo Delibes") to an unidentified lady, making arrangements to meet.2 pages small oblong 8vo in French, on a correspondence card, n.p. [but Paris], n.d. ["Wednesday evening"]

Stock Code: AU6833


DERBY, Edward George Stanley, Earl of (1799-1869). Prime Minister 1852, 1858-59, and 1866-68.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Derby") to Major Somerset, explaining his inability to assist in nominating Somerset's son for Charterhouse.2 pages 8vo, Knowsley, 19 January 1861.

Stock Code: AU5687


DERBY, Edward John Stanley, Earl of (1799-1869). Prime Minister 1852, 1858-9, and 1866-8.

Autograph Letter Signed ("E G Stanley") in his first Cabinet post as Chief Secretary for Ireland in Earl Grey's Whig government, to Davies Gilbert, M.P., author, engineer, and former President of the Royal Society,1 1/2 pages 4to on gilt-edged paper with integral blank leaf, Irish Office, 28 October 1831.

Stock Code: AU6283


DISRAELI, Benjamin (1804-1881). Statesman and Novelist.

Autograph Note Signed ("Beaconsfield") as Prime Minister, 1 page oblong 8vo on black-edged paper, 10 Downing Street, 16 May 1879.

Stock Code: AU6372


DISRAELI, Benjamin (1804-1881). Statesman and Novelist.

Autograph Letter Signed ("D") as Prime Minister during his first brief Administration, to Lord Henry Lennox, Secretary to the Admiralty.4 pages 8vo marked "Confid[entia]l, written from Hughenden with the 10 Downing Street address crossed out, 31 August 1868.

Stock Code: AU5339


DISRAELI, Benjamin (1804-1881). Statesman and Novelist.

Eight Autograph Leters Signed ("B. Disraeli" (3), "D." (3), and "Beaconsfield" (2) ), to Sir Edward Kerrison, Conservative M.P. for Eye and then East Suffolk 1852-67.30 pages 8vo in all, all but two on black edged paper, written from Hughenden Manor, Downing Street, Carlton Club, and George Street, 3 December 1864 - 11 March 1880.Together with two Autograph Letters Signed (probably retained copies) from Kerrison to Disraeli; the retained copy of an Autograph Letter Signed from Kerrison to Lord Derby, 1858 (finding fault with Disraeli's leadership of the Conservative Party); two Autograph Letters Signed from Lord Derby to Kerrison, 1858 and 1866. the earlier letter vehemently defending Disraeli from Kerrison's criticism, an Autograph Letter Signed from the politician Stafford Northcote to Kerrison, and two incomplete letters to Kerrison, evidently from a fellow M.P.

Stock Code: AU6070


DISRAELI, Benjamin (1804-1881). Statesman and Novelist.

Autograph Letter Signed ("B Disraeli") to "Dear Mrs. Bulwer", also named at the end of the letter as "Mrs Lytton Bulwer" [evidently Elizabeth Lytton Bulwer, later Bulwer Lytton, mother of Disraeli's friend the the novelist Edward Bulwer Lytton] assuring her of his continued regard and continuing that "it was odd that my electioneering struggles should terminate in being MP for Maidstone".8 pages 8vo, Bradenham, High Wycombe, n.d. [1837].

Stock Code: AU6034