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BEATTY, David, Earl (1871-1936). Admiral.

Photograph Signed ("David Beatty"), showing the admiral standing on the deck of a ship, his hands in his pockets, signed by him on a light portion of the image.Image size c. 6¼ x 8¼ ins., mounted and in a plain black wooden frame, in all 10 x 11½ ins., n.p., n.d.

Stock Code: 10544


BROWN, Oliver "Nolly" Madox (1855-1874). Author and artist, son of Ford Madox Brown.

Autograph Manuscript Signed "Oliver Madox Brown", incomplete, 2 pages 8vo, n.p., n.d [probably 1871-2], written partly in pencil.

Stock Code: 11321



Programme for a concert held at Buckingham Palace, printed in purple ink on white, the lion and unicorn royal crest embossed at the top in gold, red and blue. The text is surrounded by a wide lacy floral border.

9¼ x 7½ ins, Buckingham Palace, 3 June 1887.

Stock Code: 11241


BURNE-JONES, Georgiana (1840-1920). Wife of Edward Burne-Jones.

Autograph Letter Signed ("G. Burne-Jones") to "Miss Whelpton". 1½ pages 8vo, 6 Pembroke Gardens W., 16 March 1905.

Stock Code: 11312


CARDIGAN, James Brudenell, 7th Earl (1797-1868). General; led the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Cardigan") to an unidentified correspondent, a strong letter of recommendation for Dr. [E.H.] Nolan, author of the History of the War with Russia.4 pages 8vo, Portman Square, 20 April 1857.

Stock Code: 9691


COBHAM, J. Maclaren. Nineteenth century critic and novelist and ROSSETTI, Lucy Madox (1843-1894) née Brown

Autograph Letter Signed ("J McClaren Cobham") to "Mrs Rossetti" [probably Lucy Rossetti née Madox Brown].1½ pages 8vo (and an additional half page note in a different hand (annotated in pencil "Lucy Rossetti")), writing about the whereabouts of a "packet of MS" and family news. The additional note to the foot of the letter states where the packet is to be found..41 Hayter Road Brixton Hill S. W., 17 March 1886.

Stock Code: 11340


CRAIG, Edward Henry Gordon (1872-1966). Actor, director and designer.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Gordon Craig") to "Farquharson", 1 page 8vo on thin graph paper, 5 Pembroke Walk, Kensington, n.d.Together with Autograph Postcard Signed ("Gordon Craig") to "R Farquharson E" [probably the actor Robert ("Robin") de la Condamine who used the stage name Robert Farquharson], n. p., [27 December 1902].

Stock Code: 11411


DERBY, Edward George Stanley, Earl of (1799-1869). Prime Minister 1852, 1858-59, and 1866-68.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Derby") to Major Somerset, explaining his inability to assist in nominating Somerset's son for Charterhouse.

2 pages 8vo, Knowsley, 19 January 1861.

Stock Code: 9558


DERBY, Edward John Stanley, Earl of (1799-1869). Prime Minister 1852, 1858-9, and 1866-8.

Autograph Letter Signed ("E G Stanley") in his first Cabinet post as Chief Secretary for Ireland in Earl Grey's Whig government, to Davies Gilbert, M.P., author, engineer, and former President of the Royal Society.

1½ pages 4to on gilt-edged paper with integral blank leaf, Irish Office, 28 October 1831.

Stock Code: 10649



Ticket Signed ("Charles Dickens") on the verso for an amateur performance by Mr. Serle's Company.

1 page oblong 12mo, printed and completed in manuscript by Dickens, 73 Dean Street, 20 September n.y. [annotated "circa 1845"].

Stock Code: 213868


DICKENS, Charles (1812-1870). Novelist.

Autograph Letter in the third person to "Messrs Hunt and Roskell", regarding directions to achieve a simpler aesthetic for his seal.

1 page 8vo with integral blank leaf, Gads Hill Place, 18 October 1861.

Stock Code: 11501


DICKENS, Charles (1812-1870). Writer.
DICKENS, Charles 1812-1870. Writer

Autograph Letter Signed (“Charles Dickens”) to J.C. Parkinson [Joseph Charles Parkinson, a contributor to All the Year Round], a glowing letter of recommendation for Parkinson who hoped to be appointed Commissioner of Inland Revenue.

3 pages 8vo, Gad’s Hill Place, Christmas Day, 1868.

Stock Code: 214855


DICKENS, Charles (1837-1896). Known as Charley Dickens, son of the novelist.

Autograph Letter Signed (“Charles Dickens”) to an unidentified correspondence, informing him that certain cheques were “all forgeries”. 1 page 8vo with integral blank leaf on letterhead of “Office of All the Year Round”, Strand, 23 September 1891.        

Stock Code: 216357


DISRAELI, Benjamin (1804-1881). Statesman and Novelist.

Eight Autograph Leters Signed ("B. Disraeli" (3), "D." (3), and "Beaconsfield" (2) ), to Sir Edward Kerrison, Conservative M.P. for Eye and then East Suffolk 1852-67.30 pages 8vo in all, all but two on black edged paper, written from Hughenden Manor, Downing Street, Carlton Club, and George Street, 3 December 1864 - 11 March 1880.

Together with two Autograph Letters Signed (probably retained copies) from Kerrison to Disraeli; the retained copy of an Autograph Letter Signed from Kerrison to Lord Derby, 1858 (finding fault with Disraeli's leadership of the Conservative Party); two Autograph Letters Signed from Lord Derby to Kerrison, 1858 and 1866. the earlier letter vehemently defending Disraeli from Kerrison's criticism, an Autograph Letter Signed from the politician Stafford Northcote to Kerrison, and two incomplete letters to Kerrison, evidently from a fellow M.P.

Stock Code: 10337


DISRAELI, Benjamin (1804-1881). Statesman and Novelist.
DISRAELI, Benjamin 1804-1881. Statesman and Novelist

Autograph Letter Signed ("B Disraeli") to "Dear Mrs. Bulwer", also named at the end of the letter as "Mrs Lytton Bulwer" [evidently Elizabeth Lytton Bulwer, later Bulwer Lytton, mother of Disraeli's friend the novelist Edward Bulwer Lytton] assuring her of his continued regard and continuing that "it was odd that my electioneering struggles should terminate in being MP for Maidstone".

8 pages 8vo, Bradenham, High Wycombe, n.d. [1837].

Stock Code: 10259


DU MAURIER, George (1834-1896). Artist and Writer; Author of <i>Trilby<n>.

Autograph Letter Signed ("George du Maurier"), enquiring about the purpose of the Hampstead Liberal Association, which he had been invited to join.1 page 8vo with integral blank leaf, New Grove House, Hampstead Heath, "Monday", n.d. [but after 1874].

Stock Code: 9463


DYCE, William (1806-1864). Artist and polymath.

Autograph Letter Signed ("W. Dyce") to "My dear Sir" [John Pender Es MP] regarding the logistics of sending some of his art to Pender.3 pages 8vo, Streatham, 7 May 1863.

Stock Code: 11345


EDWARD VII (1841-1910). King of Great Britain and Ireland.

Letter Signed ("Arthur Edward P") to A[lexander] C[ampbell] Mackenzie, requesting his services for the Royal College of Music's Annual Examination for 1887.

2½ pages 4to, Royal College of Music, Kensington Gore, 20 December 1886.

Stock Code: 7576


ELLIS, Frederick Startridge (1830-1901). Author, friend of the Pre-Raphaelites.
ELLIS, Frederick Startridge 1830-1901. Author, friend of the Pre-Raphaelites

Autograph Letter Signed ("F. S. Ellis") to "Rossetti" [probably William Michael Rossetti] regarding the figure of God in Shelley's Prometheus Unbound, among other things.

3 pages 8vo, The Red House, Chelston, Torquay, 25 April 1891.

Stock Code: 11389


FRAZER, James George (1854-1941). Social anthropologist an

Autograph Letter Signed "J. G. Frazer" to "My dear Cook" [probably Arthur Bernard Cook, classical don at Cambridge].2 pages 8vo with integral blank leaf, a quarter of which has been neatly torn away, not affecting any text.Trin[ity]. Coll[ege]., 3 February, n. y.

Stock Code: 11185


FRITH, William Powell (1819-1909). Artist.

Autograph Letter Signed ("W P Frith") to "My dear Mr McKay" [possibly Andrew Mckay, chairman Colnaghi 1864-1894]. 1 page 8vo with integral blank leaf, Eastbourne 30 August 1887.

Stock Code: 11366


FRITH, William Powell (1819-1909). Artist.

Autograph Letter Signed ("W. P. Frith") to the playwright Augustus W. Dubourg. 2 pages 8vo with integral blank leaf, Ashenhurst, 7 Sydenham Rise, 2 April 1892.

Stock Code: 11324


FRY, Elizabeth (1780-1845). Quaker Prison Reformer.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Eliz. Fry") to "My dear Friend" [the Quaker barrister and minister John Hodgkin], making arrangements for a trip to Essex and advising him in a postscript to refrain from action on a matter "until we meet again as I have something on my mind to express regarding it".2 pages 8vo with integral address leaf, Upton, 11 March 1838.

Stock Code: 10558


GALTON, Francis (1822-1911). Founder of the science of eugenics; cousin of Charles Darwin.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Francis Galton") to Professor Richard Norris in Birmingham, warmly thanking him "for the valuable volume you have sent me" [evidently Norris's own Physiology and Pathology of the Blood.1 page 8vo with integral blank leaf and the original stamped and postmarked autograph envelope, 42 Rutland Gate, 4 July 1903.

Stock Code: 7361


GEORGE, Duke of Cambridge (1819-1904). Commander-in-Chief of the British Army.
GEORGE, Duke of Cambridge 1819-1904. Commander-in-Chief of the British Army

Document Signed ("George") stating that "Her Majesty has . . . been graciously pleased to command that the Court be ordered to reassemble for the purpose of revising its Sentence."

3½ pages folio, Horse Guards, 5 February 1861.

Stock Code: 10392


GEORGE, Duke of Kent (1902-1942). Fourth son of George V.

Photograph Signed ("George 1936"), a head and shoulders portrait of the Duke, facing the camera, clearly signed across the lapel of his jacket. An overlay surrounding the photograph, evidently intended to indicate the mount when the photograph was to be printed, has been signed by the photographer, Dorothy Wilding.10 x 7 ins., mounted on cream board, 15 x 10 ins. in all, Dorothy Wilding's imprint sticker on the verso, indicating that the photograph is no. 07739. n.p., 1936.

Stock Code: 10557


GLADSTONE, William Ewart (1809-1898). Statesman.

Late Autograph Letter Signed ("W E Gladstone"), five months after resigning as Prime Minister for the last time, to the Editor of the Record.

2 pages 8vo with integral blank leaf, Hawarden, 4 August 1894.

Stock Code: 9236


GORDON Charles George (1833-1885). General; killed at Khartoum.
GORDON, Charles George 1833-1885. General; killed at Khartoum

Autograph Letter Signed (“CG Gordon”) to “My dear Geigler”, asking if he had received “a couple of copies of the Arabic Manuscripts”. 2½ pages 8vo together with the autograph envelope, addressed to “H. Ex. Geigler Pacha, Kartoum, Egypte”, Southampton, 21 January 1881 [envelope postmarked “South Kensington”].

Stock Code: 217518


HARDY, Thomas (1840-1928). Novelist and Poet.

Postcard Signed ("T. Hardy") with two words, "eleventh Novr.", in his hand, Hardy's reply on a pre-printed postcard saying he cannot be present at a meeting of the Dramatists' Club.1 page oblong 8vo , n.d. [postmarked 6 November 1914].

Stock Code: 8209


HARRIS, James Thomas "Frank" (1856?-1931). Journalist, friend of Oscar Wilde.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Frank Harris") to Mrs. Scaramanga, arranging to lunch and adding "The Princess does reach London on the 27th. I've just heard from her again."1 page 8vo on a lettercard, New Lyric Club, Coventry Street, 19 November 1901.

Stock Code: 11488


HICHENS, Robert Smythe (1864-1950). Author of The Green Carnation.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Robert Hichens") to "Dear Madam", explaining why he must decline to lecture.

1 page 8vo with integral blank leaf, Meadowside, Tankerton-on-Sea, 25 November 1914.

Stock Code: 11395


HILL, Leonard Raven- (1867-1942). Illustrator and cartoonist.

Autograph Letter Signed to "Maudie"(?), 2 pages 8vo with a pen and ink drawing of Raven-Hill holding a glass of wine and a cigar. Battle House, Bromham, nr Chippenham, 2 January 1899.

Stock Code: 11529


HILL, Leonard Raven- (1867-1942). Illustrator and cartoonist.

Autograph Letter Signed ("L Raven Hill") to "Lord Knutsford" [probably Sydney George Holland, 2nd Viscount Knutsford, British barrister and peer].

3 pages 8vo with a Royal Thames Yacht Club insignia and an amusing pen and ink drawing of Raven-Hill in a striped school hat and glasses playing a tin whistle, 80 Piccadilly, 20 October 1921.

Stock Code: 11469


ISHERWOOD, Christopher (1904-1986). Writer.

Postcard Photograph Signed and inscribed ("Christopher Isherwood about 40 years earlier. for P.B. Dyson"), a National Portrait Gallery reproduction of Howard Coster's head and shoulders photograph of the writer, taken c. 1936.6 x 4¼ ins, n.p., n.d. [c.1976].

Stock Code: 10606


JACOBS, William Wymark (1863-1943). Writer, author of The Monkey's Paw.

Autograph Letter Signed ("W.W. Jacobs") to "My dear Kernahan" [probably the writer Coulson Kernahan], accepting a dinner invitation.

1 page 8vo with integral blank leaf, 112 Manor Road, Stoke Newington, 13 March 1899.

Stock Code: 11386


JECKYLL, Thomas (1827–81). Architect; Designer of Whistler's Peacock Room.
JECKYLL, Thomas 1827–81. Architect; Designer of Whistler's Peacock Room

Autograph Letter Signed "T. Jeckyll" to "Ionides" [probably one of Alexander "Alec"' Ionides’ four siblings].

4 pages 8vo, 5 St Georges Terrace, Queen's Gate, Saturday morning n.d. [probably 1870, the date of his commission for 1 Holland Park].

Stock Code: 213772


LANDSEER, Sir Edwin (1802-1873). Artist
LANDSEER, Sir Edwin 1802-1873. Artist

Signature, subscription and date ("Your obedient servant / E Landseer. / Sep 40th [sic] 1857"), boldly writen on an 8vo page.c. 7 x 4¼ ins.

Stock Code: 10718


LYTTON, Edward Bulwer (1803-1873). Novelist and Politician.

Autograph Letter Signed ("E B Lytton"), evidently to a bookseller, 1 page 8vo, Buxton, 15 September 1854.

Stock Code: 9228


MARILLIER, Henry Currie (1865-1951). Writer, expert on tapestries and managing director of Morris & Co. for 35 years.
MARILLIER, Henry Currie 1865-1951. Writer, expert on tapestries and managing director of Morris & Co. for 35 years

Autograph Note Signed ("H. C. Marillier") [Annotation in pencil on the reverse reads "has written a book (about to be published) on The Art of Dante Rossetti &c".] to "Mr Rossetti" [annotated in pencil "to William Rossetti"].1 page oblong 8vo, Swan Electric Engraving Company, Northumbria House, 116 Charing Cross Road, 21 April 1899.

Stock Code: 11328


MORSE, Jedidiah (1761-1926). American Geographer; father of Samuel Morse.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Jedh Morse") to "My dear Sons", 1 1/2 pages 4to with integral autograph address leaf addressed to his son Samuel in New Haven, Connecticut.Niagara, U. C. [Upper Canada], 4 August 1821.

Stock Code: 8691


PALMERSTON, Henry John Temple, Lord

Autograph Letter Signed ("Palmerston") to "Dear Nightingale" [William Edward Nightingale], telling him of the death of "poor Fleming".

2 pages 8vo with integral blank leaf, C[arlton] T[errace], 5 August 1844.

Stock Code: 215951


Patent with seal of Victoria
VICTORIA, 1819-1901. Queen of Great Britain and Ireland

Document in her name granting a patent to William Robert Lake, of the firm of Haseltine, Lake, & Co., Patent Agents, Southampton-buildings, London for his invention “for improvements in the application of certain salts and soaps for the preparation of threads and fabrics to give them stiffness, render them impermeable and improve their appearance.”

Stock Code: 215760


Patent with seal of Victoria
VICTORIA, 1819-1901. Queen of Great Britain and Ireland

Document in her name granting a patent to William Robert Lake, of the firm of Haseltine, Lake, & Co., Patent Agents, Southampton-buildings, London for his invention of “an improved cloth stretching or tentering machine.”

Stock Code: 217673


PAYNE, John (1842-1916). Poet.

Autograph Letter Signed ("John Payne") to "My dear Nolly" [Oliver Madox Brown].2½ pages 8vo, 17 Upper B. Street, 13th November 1873.

Stock Code: 11338


PEEL, Sir Robert (1788-1850). Prime Minister 1841-6.

Signature ("Robert Peel") on a small piece of paper, probably from the then end of a letter, laid down.c. 1 x 2 ins

Stock Code: 10747


POYNTER, Edward John (1836-1919). Painter and arts administrator.

Seven Autograph Letters Signed ("Edward J. Poynter") to "Sir Robert Collins" [Comptroller of the household of the Duke of Albany and later, of the Duchess of Albany].

8½ pages 8vo, six each with an integral blank leaf, Royal Academy of Arts, London, W., 19 April 1899-1 May 1907.In a wrapper with a crowned letter "h" and a mourning border, Villa Ingenheim, Wildpark [Germany], n.d.

Stock Code: 11463


PRINSEP, Valentine ("Val") Cameron (1838-1904). Pre-Raphaelite artist.

Autograph Letter Signed "Val Prinsep" to "Dear Mrs Reiss" [possibly Mrs Leopold Reiss, wife of the founder of the Halle Orchestra ].

1¼ pages, 1 Holland Park Road, n.d.

Stock Code: 11309


RACKHAM, Arthur (1867-1939), Artist and Illustrator.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Arthur Rackham") to "My dear Heronbrand", 1 page 8vo, Stilegate, Limpsfield, Surrey, 3 May 1937.

Stock Code: 4345


RAGLAN, Fitzroy Somerset, Lord (1788-1855). General; Commander-in-Chief of the British Forces in the Crimea.

Autograph Letter Signed ("Raglan") to "My dear General Yorke" [? - name virtually illegible], warmly recommending Captain Mackenzie, brigade major of the 92nd Regiment.

1¼ pages 8vo with integral blank leaf, and the blue stamp of the Commander-in-Chief's Office at the top left, Before Sevastopol, 27 December 1854.

Stock Code: 10932